Nifty's Free Album Picks

From Nifty

I can hardly believe it! We at Mini Nifty have our own Channillo original subscription-based mini-magazine; Nifty's Free Album Picks. So, what is this zine about? Now, if it was thirty years ago in a pre-Internet age, it would probably just be a zine where Mini Nifty fans can get updated about Mini Nifty, but these days, we can just do that on our free website. So, what is this zine? Nifty's Free Album Picks is a daily minizine featuring reviews of albums by many different musicians/bands; from classical to comedy, sound collage to sound effects, and easy listening to experimental. But not just any album will do; it has to be an album that can be streamed for free, commercial-free, without signing up, and from legitimate websites only. So albums that are available on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon don't count unless they were also posted for streaming/download on Bandcamp or were published by a music library and can be streamed there. So the majority of albums we review will either be releases on Bandcamp, releases on netlabels, or albums published by music libraries. Click here to read our list of issues and subscribe. With Channillo, you can get access to hundreds of titles, including ours, for a small monthly fee. So, Channillo subscribers and potential subscribers, help support the work of Mini Nifty by reading our minizine, especially if you really enjoy discovering new music on a daily basis; new music that in many cases is better than mainstream, sounds like mainstream but just a tad better, doesn't require that you create an account with some music site, and doesn't have any commercials getting in your way.

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